When is the coffee roastery open to the public? 
Struise brewery is open every Saturday and from 14:00 to 18:00. The coffee roastery is also open then.
Can I bring my kids and dogs?
No, you cannot, we're sorry. As this is a food processing area, food safety rules forbid us to grant access to -16 year olds and animals. We thank you for your comprehension.
Can I bring a designated driver?
Imagine for a second, your designated driver can also drink non alcoholic beverages and coffee in our lounge "Coffee Saloon".
Where can we find the "Coffee Saloon"?
On the first floor of the brewery. Once you enter the brewery, 
signs will guide you very easily towards the "Coffee Saloon", and where Nathan, 
your coffee roaster host, will let you savor the experience of awesome fresh coffee.
Is there coffee for take away?
Yes you'll have the opportunity to buy whole and/or freshly ground coffee. Packages will be provided in 125, 250 and 500 grams.
Can I get to the roastery by train? yes, you can. For fasted train travel, we think that Ieper arrival station is your best option. 

I'm coming from a different station than above, where can I find more info? At Belgianrail, you can check all stations and time tables