MaTuBu is born!

“Only rule, roast awesome coffee!”

“MaTuBu” is French for “Did you drink me?”
“MaTubu” or Mother from Tubu, a village in Botswana, and where the most select and hard to catch coffee in the world originates from. The “Mama’s” play an important and central role in coffee growing & manufacturing in all parts of this world. Without the “Mama’s” there wouldn’t be any coffee left to sell.
“MaTuBu” also seems to be a drinking bag, invented somewhere in the Basque area, that’s what the internet says. Other than that it’s probably an idea that was picked up and modernized from Saharan nomads out of the Middle ages, yes indeed 1500 years ago, that would carry water supplies in a dried goat’s and/or sheep’s stomach.

The basic idea to start a coffee roasting plant came from a quality problem that occurred regularly at Struise Brewery. They use whole coffee beans during mashing, boiling and maturation of one of the better Stouts of this world, “Black Albert“. Up to now, that coffee is bought in speciality shops, but the quality is not stable. Imagine the brewer’s frustration around coffee aroma’s and flavors, that are never the same. Frustration can only grow to a level, where you stop brewing the beer, or one takes action.

Once the idea is born to install and start a coffee roasting plant, child ideas rise to share that coffee with the many guests that visit the brewery on Saturdays. Not everybody drinks beer, designated drivers will have the possibility to sample the best coffee, grown in different parts of this big world. Day fresh coffee roasts will dominate. Therefore, a “Coffee Saloon” is being prepared next to the roasting area, for everyone to relax and have a great cup of coffee.

Last but not least, our plant will be active every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to roast coffee for whom wants to take away and have that same adventure at home. Packages will come in 125, 250 and 500 grams, whole beans and/or milled on the spot.